Thanks in part to his obsessive habit of clearing out his email inbox, César started at Tu Familia in 2013 after discovering a job opportunity in his spam folder.  

When not leading brainstorming sessions for the next big idea, he toggles between pulling marketing levers, directing the aesthetics of the brand and giving soapbox speeches about teamwork, technology trends and bad user experiences.

With digital marketing experience on both the client and agency sides, César has worked with:  AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Hilton Hotels, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, HP, Café Express, Mission Foods, Walmart and Southwest Airlines.

For César, quality of life is found in reading e-books(biographies, art history, horror and social commentary), collecting vinyl records, freakin’ out on electronic gadgets, religiously watching and installing the Netflix app on every device he owns.  He is a student of pop culture.

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