Tu Familia Internship Opportunity 2016

Dallas-based Tu Familia, Inc. seeks an intern with aspirations to earn hands-on experience in the area of research for marketing, social media, digital content Management, promotional and events initiatives (non-paid Internship) 




Fluent in English and Spanish (read, write, speak); working knowledge of MS Office Windows or Mac  
Preferred but not required: working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, web analytics applications, familiarity with comScore, MRI, Pew or other research tools and resources 

Our Goal 

Our goal is to offer the intern opportunities to observe and/or perform supervised tasks related to routine office work and day-to-day business. In this manner, we hope to enhance the intern’s existing skills and allow him/her to apply theories to practice.  The intern should complete the internship with some degree of exposure and/or experience in the following: 

* Work experiences that will help him/her learn about and develop professional skills 
* Learning experiences that test applicability of classroom learning to the workplace 
* Opportunities to contribute to our organization, workplace and community 
* The chance to see how marketing tools and practices are applied in a real business setting when launching a new product 
The intern will be supervised and/or mentored by either a marketing director or manager in the areas of digital and traditional marketing, content management, product management, asset production and project planning. As internship sponsors, we are committed to assigning the intern meaningful learning tasks/projects that will allow him/her to test their knowledge, learn new skill sets and network within the industry.
The Tu Familia team looks forward to providing the intern with a professional review of his/her CV and/or portfolio and career guidance. 
Contact: César Castañeda ccastaneda@tufamilia.com